We believe our celebration of Independence is a truly special thing! Our Freedom is all the license we need to truly be Great. Rite Foods as a company, the foods and drinks we produce is the True Nigeria Story and nothing tells and sings that story to us more than our National Anthem song! Happy 57TH, Nigeria! ..#BeYou #BeNigerian #IAmNigeria

Fuel Your Day

Rite and Bigi beef rolls are light, filling tasty snacks. Whether, on the go or at your comfort zone, Rite Foods’ tasty beef roll snacks will surely revitalize and energise your body all through the day.

Pure Perfection

You have not tasted the true purity of water until you’ve tasted Bigi Water. Keeps the whole family replenished, hydrated and always refreshed. It is pure perfection, Rite Food’s Bigi Water!

Flavoured Refreshment

And when it is time to get down; whether at work or at play, Rite Foods’ Bigi Soft Drinks are quite the Beverage! They are made for a good time and to power you for refreshment necessary for a good time!

Brands You Love

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