Corporate Social Responsibility

Rite Foods Ltd., takes its CSR efforts serious and has conducted many community programmes and provided support to many groups and individuals. We endeavour to touch all aspects of CSR in our sustainability efforts including education, arts & culture, sports, community development and corporate philanthropy.

Rite Foods Ltd.has helped to bring a meaningful difference to the lives of others and has an enduring impact on their host community.From 2010 till date, Rite Foods Ltd has impacted more than 120,000 children, 18,000 schools and several NGOs and communities across Nigeria.

Bigi Goes To School


Rite Foods Ltd. constantly inspires kids to study and stay in school. “The Bigi goes to School” initiative awards school kids for their stellar academic performance, yearly in 10 selected schools all over the country. Children gifted with school bags full of gifts, top pupils are given additional gifts whilst the best participating schools are given gifts like computers, marker boards, TV sets,e.t.c to assist learning and development.

The positive impact of this initiative is widely felt and received.

Sustainability and Cleanliness

We focus on cultivating positive impact on our environment and improving our areas of operation.

We believe that successful businesses are those that reduce negative environmental impact, exchange knowledge and ideas on environmental growth while sharing expertise and experiences towards adapting to the ever changing world.

Since the advent of Rite Foods Ltd, we have been tracking and reporting our progress towards numerous set goals in aiding nationwide achievement objectives for Environmental Sustainability.

Fossil Fuel Free

We work towards a future where alternative energy will be the only source of energy for our operations in manufacturing. We are constantly vying away from complete dependence on fossil fuels; therefore, reducing pollution emission. We are cutting our carbon emissions in as many areas of operation as possible by reducing the energy used, whilst exploring renewable alternatives and improving the efficiency of our colleagues, we are working with distributors to aid them to manage and also reduce their energy usage; however, mere eco-friendliness, is not enough for us. We are striving to improve our surrounding environment to encourage nature to grow and thrive. We ensure to not just reap from our land but also to replace, sustain and build growth in the land.