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Rite Foods Factory world-class

BBC News Worldwide features Rite Foods Limited in new series “In Business Africa”

It is a well known fact that for businesses in Nigeria to thrive, there are factors that can choke or wither the growth of the business. These factors range from power to government policies and various economic instabilities.

Amidst all that, Rite Foods Limited incorporated in 2008, has since been one out of many Nigerian owned businesses that have proven to stand out against all odds. It is not surprising therefore, that in just few years of being in business; the company has almost overtaken giants in their line of business.

As a result of this outstanding success, the BBC crew considered Rite Foods Limited among many other African brands that has succeeded in harsh economic climates to stand out in order to manufacture products that are best qualities and internationally acceptable.

In the Interview with the Managing Director of Rite Foods Limited, Mr. Seleem Adegunwa, he pointed out two major hurdles that every Manufacturer in Nigeria would face. He said:

“Everything is a challenge. You have to produce the power [to run the plant] yourself, because you’re not on the grid”

And there is the hurdle of gaining access to markets.

Commenting about the acceptance of Nigerian Made products, he said:

“If anything, being a Nigerian-owned brand initially would almost (wanted to) become a negative, because people think that what is produced locally just can’t be as good, but what we’ve been able to do in the last 28 months is to show that no, actually you can be a proudly 100% Nigerian brand and still be able to make products that are extremely World Class”.

His position about market penetration and competing with multinational companies that are very well financed, he had this to say

“In terms of the multinationals it was a non-issue because we knew we were going to come to the table with a facility and a product that will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder, if not actually surpass what they do”.

Evidently, Rite Foods Limited has proven to be truly World Class and 100% proudly Nigerian.


  • February 7, 2019

    Salami basirah adedayo

    Rite foods ND bigi Apple.. Helps to quench hunger

  • February 7, 2019

    Salami basirah adedayo

    Rite foods ND bigi Apple drinks helps to quench hunger