Bigi Premium Drinking Water - Purity and life

 BIGI Premium Table Water is proudly a Nigerian brand created with the global market in mind. It is bottled at our state of the art fully integrated facility. We followed global best practices in our purification processes.

The uniqueness of our water is because we go through multiple processing steps that are monitored closely at our processing facility to ensure every bottle of water meets or exceeds our quality standards.

The first aspect of our ten steps purification process is to entirely remove undesirable inorganic components & chemicals, dissolved solids, and micro-organisms from our water. We disinfect our water as additional safety and purity measure through ozonation and ultra violet treatment.

BIGI Premium Table Water’s remarkably crisp, refreshing and pure taste makes it the ultimate compliment to fine-dining,

We are proud and pleased to let you know that BIGI Premium table Water represents premium quality, highest purity, freshness, confidence and reliability.

12 points Rite Foods Limited Bigi Premium Drinking Water Process.
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