Our people make us different — passionate about making a measurable impact in all that we do and energetic about supporting and challenging our customers in equal measure.


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    At Rite Foods Ltd., we pride ourselves as being a result driven team of employees that strongly focus on achieving results.We are a team that is totally committed to excellence and quality.

    As a company, we support equal opportunities and extend equal opportunities to all individuals without regard to gender, race or religion.

    Our values of integrity, excellence, formidable leadership, quality, and respect, inform our actions towards our employees as well as internal and external stakeholders.

    Our policy reflects and affirms the Company’s commitment to the principles of fair employment and the elimination of all discriminatory practices.

    We believe that the greatest component of any strategic endeavor is the human element; the strategy fails or succeeds subject to the quality of the people that drives it.

    As a result, we place a great emphasis on recruiting the best people based on merit displayed through academic achievement and more importantly, through the strength of character.

    We are committed to enhancing people’s lives and creating long-term sustainable value for our employees. We believe that skilled and satisfied employees play an important role in the company’s long-term success; thus, we assist the growth of our employees’ careers by equipping them with internal and external professional training courses. In hand, our employees are not only valuable individuals to our business, but are also nurtured into valuable individuals for our society.


    We have created an excellent and fulfilling working environment with an emphasis on individual responsibility and growth.

    We encourage our people to view their career with us as an eventful and long term journey to broaden their exposure and deepen their skills.

    We will encourage your growth through continuous development, on-the-job training, and mentoring programs. Through exposure to fellow like-minded employed professionals, you will be encouraged to tap into the deep-rooted expertise of our business.


    Experienced professionals

    We want people with deep passion, conviction and a high level of creativity. We want people who can thrive in a diverse organisation and grow personally and professionally as we grow our brands to greater heights. We strongly believe that great and fresh ideas can effectively cause a positive change. If you have the talent, skill and the can-do spirit that helps us thrive, join us in this journey towards creating that enduring legacy.

    Internships and apprenticeships

    Your career start point can make a big difference. Our internship and apprenticeship programs are a great place to grow, take the opportunity to be part of our rich heritage where unique and bold actions are welcomed and expected. It will be a worthwhile experience.

    Graduate Trainee Program

    With over half a decade of evolving and diversification, with different employees from different backgrounds, working across different units we are an ideal company for a career launch.