Our people make us different — passionate about making a measurable impact in all that we do and energetic about supporting and challenging our customers in equal measure.


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Code of Conduct

Our code(s) of conduct serve as guidelines for making decisions when we face a distinct range of significant ethical challenges between costs and quality. This is to develop and maintain a standard of conduct that is acceptable to the company, its vendors, customers and employees.

Customer Service

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. We demonstrate this by attending promptly to customer requests and gladly welcoming factory and office visits. If you want to contact our customer service representatives for inquiries, concerns or observations

Factory Code of conduct

Factory employees are required to wear appropriate factory shoes which are closed-toe to prevent accidental injuries. Hair is secured at all times, covered with caps/hair nets. Employees are also expected to wash their hands regularly. Hand washing stations are strategically located within the factory.

Food Safety

We pride ourselves in providing consumers with high-quality products. Our production process follows world-class standards and guards against any form of contamination. We place food safety above financial concerns; this includes going beyond Nigerian statutory food laws, to ensure we attain highest international product quality standards.

Responsible Sourcing

Our company prides itself as a company built on quality standards; which guides our sourcing and procurement standards. Managing our procurement process is critical to the success of our business. We foster positive relationships within procurement to ensure ethical and responsible operations. Setting clear standards and expectations helps ensure safe, high-quality supplies of raw materials to meet the demands of our customers, consumers and other stakeholders. Our commitment to our company values and excellent business ethics is shared and expected from our suppliers in the areas of labour practices, health and safety, environmental management and business integrity.