At Rite Foods Ltd, the management team governs the Company with the goal of creating an enduring legacy through sustainability, increasing the Company’s enterprise value and achieving defined corporate objectives.

We perform our tasks in accordance with Nigerian Legal Law, our board’s rules of procedure and with a spirit of trust and sportsmanship.

Rite Foods Ltd. Board and Management team define the long-term goals and the strategies for the company and set forth the principles and directives for the resulting corporate policies.

It coordinates and monitors the most important activities, defines the portfolio, develops and deploys managerial staff, allocates resources and decides on the Group’s financial steering and reporting.

All members bear a joint responsibility for running the business as a whole while each individual member takes full responsibility for managing specific areas assigned to them.

Decisions on all matters of fundamental importance are jointly made in cases where a decision of the entire Board is prescribed by law or otherwise mandatory.

The Chairman of the Board ensures meetings and bears responsibility for leading and co-coordinating the Boards work.

Our corporate activity is governed by national and local laws and statutes that place a range of obligations on Rite Foods Limited and its employees. Rite foods manage its business responsibly and in compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements.

In the daily business operations of our employees and stakeholders, we expect legal and ethical conduct always; as an employee and stakeholders daily conduct, directly impact the company’s reputation.

By regular dialogue between stakeholders, employees, and management and by providing relevant training courses for employees, the company endeavours to acquaint employees and stakeholders with internal codes of behaviour, with numerous statutory and regulatory requirements of the country.

This lays the foundation for managing the business responsibly and in compliance with the respective applicable laws.


The Board and Management asserts that Rite foods limited is unreservedly committed to corporate compliance and will forgo any business transactions that would violate compliance principles. Our principles are designed to guide employees in their business-related actions and protect them from potential misconduct.

We pride ourselves as a company that adheres to regulations, integrity in business transactions and the ban on exerting any kind of improper influence, the observance of product quality and the commitment to the principle of sustainability, the clear separation of business and personal interests, and the commitment to ensure fair and respectful working conditions.

Board and management ensure this by:

  • Consistent monitoring and risk assessment
  • Ensuring investigation of any reports of possible compliance violations
  • Ensuring and initiating appropriate corrective action
  • Providing advice for the day to day operations of each business unit
  • Ensuring compliance training programs
  • Providing regular and timely information thus maximization of transparency
  • Ensuring Diversity in its workforce


Our consistent efforts at ensuring Diversity resulted in our being awarded us with National Women Builders Award (2012).

We continue to have a good proportion of women who have been appointed on merit within our organization and recognition of contribution.

Dr. S. A. Adegunwa OFR