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Our people make us different — passionate about making a measurable impact in all that we do and energetic about supporting and challenging our customers in equal measure.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Rite Foods Ltd., takes its CSR efforts serious and has conducted many community programmes and provided support to many groups and individuals. We endeavour to touch all aspects of CSR in our sustainability efforts including education, arts & culture, sports, community development and corporate philanthropy.

Rite Foods Ltd.has helped to bring a meaningful difference to the lives of others and has an enduring impact on their host community. From 2010 till date, Rite Foods Ltd has impacted more than 120,000 children, 18,000 schools and several NGOs and communities across Nigeria.


It is not just our culture to find good deeds and reward them but we are passionate about people who strive to do good when they don’t need to. On Thursday 21st of March 2019, we changed the story of a young man, Ugochukwu Ibere, who was once a street hawker of ready to go sausages, as of today he now owns his own furnished, equipped and well-stocked shop (Ugochuku Ibere Store) located at 181, Bamgbose Street, Lagos Island. Ugochukwu Ibere, who had faced his own fair share of hardship and injustice, found it in his heart to give aid to convicts being transported to Ikoyi prison, it was in his selfless act that he was spotted and his picture shared on social media drew our attention, his humanitarian service and deep level of empathy touched our hearts and we were moved to empower him for his immeasurable act of kindness.

We are confident in his prospect of being extremely successful because he has shown dedication to everything he has committed himself to.

At the launch of Mr. Ibere’s new shop, Mr. Joseph Adesewo, Regional Sales Manager, who represented  Mr. Seleem Adegunwa, Managing Director of Rite Foods Limited and other members of the Rite Foods staff interacted with passersby who were humbled by Mr. Ugochukwu’s grass to grace testimony.

No other person was more satisfied than Mrs. Adenike Ajitena a Banker and a Lawyer who was responsible for first spreading the word of this Hero without a cape.

Keep a close tab on our YouTube channel for Ugochukwu’s full narrative.

Live Abundantly


The Live Abundantly Empowerment Initiative is a charitable enterprise dedicated to social change through awareness, advocacy, education, and community participation. The goal of this initiative is to address and eradicate injustice towards women and children; make education accessible to children marginalized by poverty and physiological differences. This year, Live Abundantly in partnership with Rite Foods organized 3 major sensitization and empowerment workshops for children. We kicked off in March 2018 at UNILAG, Lagos with a symposium on “Human Rights – Personal Privileges” with an audience turnout of 750 participants from Lagos and its environs.

A day before Children’s Day celebration in Nigeria, on the 26th of May; we took the Human Rights message to the 1st  Ijebu-Ife Children’s Day symposium which allowed us host over 1,300 secondary school students in addition to community members, leaders and dignitaries from Ijebu-Ife at the Legacy Hall in Ogun state.

On the United Nations’ International Day of the Girl Child, we saw an opportunity to take the Human Rights message to 400 girls at Wesley School, Lawanson, Lagos.

In December 2018, A Gala Night will be held to celebrate all individuals and organizations that have made the charitable enterprise a success in 2018.


In partnership with Magnificent Therapy Services, an organization that works and cares for children with special needs and developmental challenges; we organized a Cerebral Palsy Walk to as one of our strategic approaches towards sensitizing the general public on the risk factors, causes, and management of Cerebral Palsy. Our objectives were to:

  • Create more awareness about Cerebral Palsy
  • Educate people on effective ways to manage children with cerebral palsy
  • Enlighten people on how to prevent giving birth to children with cerebral palsy
  • A campaign against stigmatization towards people living with cerebral palsy and their families

With a turnout rate of over 700 persons and celebrities like Rugged Man and Temitope Omosule, Face of Petite Nigeria, the walk ended with many people enlightened about Cerebral Palsy.


In line with celebrating the freedom of the press, Rite Foods Limited partnered with Lagos State University, School of Communication; the Department of Journalism.

Pictures above show the activities that took place at the event.

World Press Freedom Day Conference


Rite Foods Limited is committed to health and development in the society so every June, we partner with hospitals and health organizations to push blood donation awareness and in turn encourage Company’s staff to be a part of the blood donation too.


Rite Foods Limited, in partnership with Goge Africa Foundation Annual Career Guidance and Counseling, saw the urgent need to bring to the fore the dangers of drug abuse, unsafe internet activities and manipulation for political thuggery use as the 2019 elections were fast approaching.

So this year’s theme was aimed at educating youth on safe online activities, reducing the rate of drug abuse and awareness of political thuggery in our society.

With over 3,500 young people in attendance, we moved closer to our goal of empowering young people towards positive growth and self-development

life changers


We partnered with Life Changers foundation, a non-government charity organization whose purpose is to offer hope in the form of education, vocation, and enterprise to the financially challenged and disadvantaged in the society.

This year, we assisted the foundation in raising awareness about the foundation and its purpose in the society by sponsoring the “Walkathon” which took place on the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, October 17th, 2018 saw over 400 participants walk from Olive Tree Parish, Banana Island, Ikoyi to Falomo and back to the take-off location.


Rite Foods Limited, in partnership with Greenhill Recycling, has decided to let the initiative of a clean environment begin with YOU. In the light of our commitment to saving our environment, we kick-started “Operation 10 million bottles”, a year-long rally project in Mushin, Lagos on the 30th of October, 2018.

For the first rally, we recovered recyclable solid wastes such as used plastic bottles, aluminum cans and old corrugated cartons from sources of consumption in order to give them a new life and prevent them from being sent to landfills.

Over the years, Greenhill recycling has recovered tons of recyclable waste materials that alternatively would have littered the streets, blocked the drains, leading to flooding and several health hazards using this model.

Bigi Goes To School

Rite Foods Ltd. constantly inspires kids to study and stay in school. “The Bigi goes to School” initiative awards school kids for their stellar academic performance, yearly in 10 selected schools all over the country. Children gifted with school bags full of gifts, top pupils are given additional gifts whilst the best participating schools are given gifts like computers, marker boards, TV sets,e.t.c to assist learning and development.

The positive impact of this initiative is widely felt and received.

Sustainability and Cleanliness

We focus on cultivating a positive impact on our environment and improving our areas of operation.

We believe that successful businesses are those that reduce negative environmental impact, exchange knowledge and ideas on environmental growth while sharing expertise and experiences towards adapting to the ever-changing world.

Since the advent of Rite Foods Ltd, we have been tracking and reporting our progress towards numerous set goals in aiding nationwide achievement objectives for Environmental Sustainability.

Fossil Fuel Free

We work towards a future where alternative energy will be the only source of energy for our operations in manufacturing. We are constantly vying away from complete dependence on fossil fuels; therefore, reducing pollution emission. We are cutting our carbon emissions in as many areas of operation as possible by reducing the energy used, whilst exploring renewable alternatives and improving the efficiency of our colleagues, we are working with distributors to aid them to manage and also reduce their energy usage; however, mere eco-friendliness, is not enough for us. We are striving to improve our surrounding environment to encourage nature to grow and thrive. We ensure to not just reap from our land but also to replace, sustain and build growth in the land.