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For lovers of luxury cars, grand and stylish automobiles, muscle cars and chargers, the Bimmerfest 2019 was just the place to find all the exotic cars in all their glory. The event showcased BMW supercars and power bike models of different kinds.

As it is an event that exemplifies the daring attitude, the Fearless Brand had to be at the Bimmerfest 2019 to ensure that everything is electrifying. The highlights of the event included a drift course were people with mastery of vehicles was showcased. Many times it was clear that what ever the suspension system in a regular car it would not survive the drift course.

Speaking to one of the drivers of what it is like in a drift car, he had this to say

“Inside is a drift car on a drift course is a riot of activities, as the driver wrestles with steering angle, breaking and wheel speed to throw the car in an unnatural position- sideways”.

The demonstration of supreme car control is only reserved for stunt drivers that are worthy of Hollywood screens. Who knows the with events like these, with Fearless Energy drink fueling the adrenaline pumping event, we just might have more professional drift drivers that are Nigerian.

But drifting was not the only thing on site, there was the FEARLESS GARAGE where attendees could relax and have cocktails and oh yea, experience their own driving simulation without the great risk. Talk about a smart way to have fun.

Speaking of fun there were Fearless vixens and cheerleaders to ensure that if people were tensed and thirsty they could be refreshed at the FEARLESS GARAGE with chilled cocktails from Rite Foods Limited.

A number of Celebrities also attended this action packed event like IK Ogbonna, DJ Jimmy Jat, Alex Ekubo, Wale Ojo and many more.

Side attractions included roller skating, bmx stunt men, Badgang bikers club, All females bikers club etc.


  • January 19, 2021

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