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Fearless Fires Up the MerryBet Celebrity Challenge

Among the many recreational things Nigerians love so much, Football and Parties stand out. A hybrid of these two phenomena has been packaged by MerryBet for the pleasure of the teeming party creatures that are in dire need for that release of the wildfires that burn in them.

At the Bar Beach, Fearless Energy Drinks powered this hive of bumbling bees that couldn’t get enough of this celebrity-studded event. It wasn’t just the music, the fact that football fans could participate in games and represent their favourite football clubs and win cash and merchandize prizes.

The Hosts Kibati and Nedu clearly brought their own contributions of humour, sass and wit. The football jugglers displayed their skill to their eager spectators who cheered their preferred contestants.

The Celebrity faceoffs were epic, the combinations couldn’t have been more titanic with and all the victors very well earned their trophies. Some of the faceoffs included Rugged Man versus Vector, with Vector (aka the viper) stinging the tough hide of Rugged man and emerging as the victor in the Celebrity Rap battle. It was good to see the flair had never left the Afro Juju maestro Sir Shina Peters, the Legend (Sir Shina Peters) went head-on with Tubaba, the opening challenge had Shina Peters strumming his way to a flawless victory in the challenge of each contestant picking his own preferred musical instrument, Sir Shina Peters picked the guitar and Tubaba requested… A WHISTLE! Although Tubaba could not put up a fight at all Sir Shina Peters was given a yellow card by the referee who just happened to be Kibati and Nedu. Another fine celebrity Faceoff was between Brother Shaggy and the veteran ghetto singer Daddy Showkey, Brother Shaggy ceased the trophy with his sharp wit and skill in football.

Asides the competition, the music was soothing and invigorating to the soul. Sir Shina Peters’ vixens definitely left an impression that the younger generations would scarcely forget in a long time. The night vibes reached its highest crescendo when Burna boy entered the stage and the crowd roared in excitement. Some hearts would have been broken when Burna boy had to leave the stage but MerryBet had another delight for the night before the show was over. The OBO himself ushered in with all the fiery flair and pyrotechnics on stage, fan favourite Davido appeared dangerous and that was exactly what the crowd wanted. His appearance was definitely an overdose of excitement, how bad can that be?

Rite Foods bar, of course, kept the glasses filled with the cocktails and mocktails with Fearless energy drinks and Bigi as the chief ingredient was flowing and was distributed by the sweet hands of the Fearless and Bigi Cheerleaders. Offerings of energy such as Rite Foods offers, handed to all by damsels such as these, how can anybody refuse? The 1st of December 2018 at the Bar Beach certainly would remain a night to remember.

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