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Bigi Cola in products

Bigi is a brand that comes from the stables of the visionary and dynamic Rite Foods Limited.

Bigi Apple in products

Rite Foods Limited is a child of Ess-ay Holdings which was incorporated in 1963. Rite Foods Limited was incorporated in 2008.

Bigi tropical

Ess-ay Holdings dominated the photography industry in West Africa for 40 years until the advent of digital photography.

Bigi Orange

Rite Foods Limited has imbibed the exceptional culture of excellence and success of always being No. 1 in any business ventured into with the introduction of innovative products such as the Rite Spicy beef in the Sausage industry, Bigi Tropical and Fearless Red Berry in the Beverage Industry.

Bigi Bitter Lemon in the Taste Squad Naija's Favourite from Rite Foods Limited

Rite and Bigi Sausage rolls are currently the market leaders in the sausage industry.

Bigi Lemon and Lime

Both the sausage and beverage products are produced in world class facilities that cost over 100 BN Naira with machineries that are the best from all over the world ensuring the most hygienic conditions.

Bigi Soda Water in the Taste Squad Naija's Favourite from Rite Foods Limited 1

The ISO 9001:2015 certification is a testament to the world class quality management system.

Fearless Classic Energy Drink product sales

Bigi beverage has a wide range of varieties that satisfy the unique taste preferences of its consumers with innovative products like the Bigi Tropical.​

Bigi Premium Water

Due to the customer-centric nature of the brand, Bigi gives more volume, best quality at the lowest prices.​

Rite Foods Limited logo png

Above all, Bigi is Truly world class and 100% proudly Nigerian.​

Rite Foods Limited social media

For further information on the brand, visit the website on www.ritefoodsltd.com and the social media platforms @getbigi, @ritefoodsng and @fearlessng.​