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Ojude Oba 2018

Ojude Oba 2018: Cultural display of the Ijebus

         Culture, they say, is the way of life and what differentiates one culture from another varies in language, dressing, belief, attitude, and many other factors. The Yoruba culture is one of the largest African cultures still actively in existence. The Yoruba people are not just a single group but rather diverse people bound together by common language, history, and culture. Yoruba mythology holds that all Yoruba people descended from Odua or Oduduwa. Kingship is an integral part of this culture because kings at the time are the sole ruler of their communities before the dusk of colonization.

Ojude Oba festival is one of the avenues where Yoruba culture is colourfully and elaborately showcased. With a large gathering at the Awujale’s palace arena, regberegbes (families) come in hundreds, dressed in similar elaborate traditional attires to celebrate the fact that they are alive to see another Ojude oba festival and in turn pay their homage and allegiance to their Awujale (King). The event involves colourful horse riding display and gun shooting to present each regberegbes while special dignitaries from all over the country come to witness the elaborate display of Yoruba culture and other amazing entertainment.

At Rite Foods Limited, we take our heritage seriously and appreciate every good thing that comes from the depth of our culture. Our truly Nigerian disposition does not allow us to take back seat when it comes to showcasing our World Class & made in Nigeria products at events of this nature. Hence, Rite Foods is the official beverage sponsors of the event; going all out to grace the occasion and present in all our glorious colours with an energetic cultural performance for the Awujale as our show of allegiance to his reign. With more than 5,000 person turnout at this year’s event, the need for refreshments cannot be underestimated and of course, we at Rite Foods Limited was readily available to provide premium refreshment to everyone.

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