Our people make us different — passionate about making a measurable impact in all that we do and energetic about supporting and challenging our customers in equal measure.


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Our Corporate Direction


To drive Innovation, Efficiency & Operational Control


To drive Innovation & Enable Optimization of Opportunities


To ensure consistent quality


Quality production is fundamental to our success. Rite Foods Limited aims to be the first choice of consumers for our food and beverages products and we are committed to producing the best quality, safe and hygienic products at competitive prices that meet customer expectations. Our commitment to quality & food safety is driven by the following guiding principles:

1. CONSUMER/CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We are a Consumer-focused organization committed to achieving maximum customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding customer needs & expectations. Satisfaction level will be monitored by establishing strong customer communication channels and through regular customer feedback.

2. COMPLIANCE WITH LEGAL & REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS. We are bound to meet all national, international statutory and regulatory requirements for quality and food safety that apply to our products.

3. CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT. We continually review all our policies, standards and procedures to effectively manage food safety risks associated with a change in our products, processes, and technologies.

4. EMPLOYEE’S EDUCATION, TRAINING & INVOLVEMENT. Every employee is responsible for maintaining and improving quality in his/her work function to attain our food safety standards. We are to build a competent team of food safety and quality capacity through structured in-house training, TPM implementation and outsource training programs that develop technical skills, increase awareness, manage risk & drive increasing levels of excellence.

5. COMMUNICATION AND REVIEW OF POLICY& OBJECTIVES. Quality & Food safety policies and objectives are communicated to all employees and will be reviewed by management at defined intervals for continuing suitability and adequacy.


  1. Ensuring that average Customer Satisfaction Levels do not fall below 80%.
  2. Ensuring that Rite Foods Limited business operations comply with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015, and achieves 100% compliance with all National & International statutory and regulatory requirements including those for quality and food safety that apply to our business and products.
  3. Ensuring that we achieve and continually sustain a minimum average employee competence average at 80%, by utilizing the effective deployment of ‘fit for purpose’ training programs for the enhancement of employee competence.
  4. Ensuring that the criteria for measuring the performance of all operational processes have an impact on the quality of our services are established and communicated, and that process performance is monitored.


Our people make us different — passionate about making a measurable impact in all that we do and energetic about supporting and challenging our customers in equal measure. We have an unwavering commitment to always do right by our customers, people and community as a whole by ensuring quality in our products and services.


Our unique culture and approach to quality is to deliver enduring results.

Rite Foods Limited

Acting within set targets, proactively dealing with issues, formidable leadership and Integrity is the heart of who we are.