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Our History

Rite Foods Limited launched as a company in December 2007 as a subsidiary of the Ess-Ay Holdings Limited. It was in the mid-2000s, following the digital evolution in photography that the Group decided to diversify into the FMCG sector, which led to the birth of Rite Foods Limited.

Our Core Values

Excellence, Innovation, Integrity and Accountability.

Our Vision

To be the leader in our chosen fields of operation which 
will lead to growth, stability and an enduring legacy

Our Mission

To create value for the company by facilitating the 
attainment of set goals and aspiration through a formidable and 
exceptional team.

Get to know us!

Rite Foods Limited History of Launch

Rite Foods Limited is a truly world class, proudly Nigerian Foods and 

Beverages manufacturing company which began food production in March 2008.

Our company is a major player in the sausage segment of the food industry and is gradually gaining market share in the soft drinks and energy drinks’ segment of the beverage industry in Nigeria.

Rite Foods Limited manufactures under high ethical standards and hygienic conditions to produce quality products that are fit for consumption.

Rite Foods Launching 2007

Rite Foods Limited was officially launched as a company in December 2007.

The company started out at Adebola House, opebi Ikeja in the production of sausages after product registration with NAFDAC in January 2008. 


Rite Foods began the production of sausage rolls in 2008 and sales followed shortly after.  The first roll produced was the Rite Sausage roll, baked with love and novelty. Rite sausage roll adequately addresses the market need of young pupils in schools all over Nigeria.

MARCH 2008

Bigi Beef Sausage Roll for was introduced in January 2010 and it became an instant success. Today, it is one of our most popular sausage rolls. 
Find out more about Bigi Beef Sausage Roll


Rite Spicy Beef was introduced and received high acclaim for its novelty and ingenuity. Rite Spicy Beef snack is unique only to Rite Foods and is widely accepted in the market and has therefore gained considerable market share. The sausage roll has eventually risen to become the market leader and currently still is.


Due to tremendous growth in sausage sales, production had to increase at an equally high rate which resulted in construction of a larger production factory at Ososa, ijebu – ode and opportunities to implement our other product diversification plans.


Bakery Factory construction at Ososa, ijebu ode, began in 2013 and was completed in 2015. In 2015, Rite Foods Limited moved its entire Bakery factory into the new factory.

2013 – 2014

 Realizing that sausages will always be consumed with beverages, the company identified the high demand for beverages in the Nigerian market and started the beverage project. So, Beverage Factory construction at Ososa, ijebu ode, began in 2013 and was completed in 2015.

2014 – 2015

Bigi Soft Drinks production began at the new Beverage Factory with the first 6 flavours of Bigi Carbonated soft drinks – Cola, Orange, Tropical, Apple, Bitter Lemon & Lemon and Lime.

JULY 2016

Bigi Premium Drinking water production followed shortly after.


Bigi Soda water was introduced in 2017.

All Rite Foods Limited beverage products were warmly received by consumers and are now popular choices for the Nigerian consumers

APRIL, 2017

Rite Foods Bakery Factory Ososa

The Vice President who at the time was the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osibajo, visited our world class factory. He toured the factory and was amazed at our production processes under the highest hygienic standards. His feedback of the Rite Foods Factory tour is permanently hung at the main reception to the Beverage Factory in Ososa.

JULY, 2017

Fearless Energy Drinks production began at the Beverage Factory with 2 unique flavours of Fearless Energy drinks – Fearless Classic & Fearless Red Berry.

AUGUST, 2017

One Day Governor of Lagos State Visit to Rite Foods Limited. Sixteen year-old, Bukola Zoffun who emerged 2017 one-day governor of Lagos state visited the Rite Foods Limited Head office in Opebi, Ikeja.


1st National Customer Forum (Beverage)

Rite Foods Limited, in appreciation of  her Beverage customers who were particularly loyal and hardworking over a year did something especially unusual. The company held its 1st National Customer Forum for Beverage in Lagos by bringing in all customers from all over Nigeria to this remarkable event.Customers were rewarded with over N67million worth of gifts and many cash prizes including an Isuzu QKR 5.2 tons truck worth 11 million naira.

APRIL, 2018

Rite Foods Limited Receives ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

Rite Foods Limited was awarded ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management systems by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) after undergoing thorough training of staff according to International Quality standards

JUNE, 2018

Rite Foods Limited Sponsors African Senior Athletics Championship 2018 in Asaba City. The 21st Edition of the African Senior Athletic Championship held in Asaba was one of the biggest athletics event held since inception at the Steven Keshi. The championship hosted 52 countries which competed in over 48 games for 5 days. Rite Foods Limited is the official beverage sponsor for the 21st Edition of the African Senior Athletic Championship which was held in Asaba city, Delta state.

AUGUST, 2018

Ojude Oba Festival (2016 – Present)

24th August: Ojude Oba is a Yoruba festival held in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. It is held annually the third day after Eid al-Kabir. The festival is reported to have begun over 100 years ago. Annually, the festival is usually attended by over 250,000 people across the six 
geopolitical zones of Nigeria. 

For Rite Foods Limited, Ojude Oba festival is an annual celebration of our heritage and cultural affinity to Ijebu Ode, Ogun State and the Yoruba culture in general. We began participating actively in 2016 and every year is always a delight.

AUGUST, 2018


As part of the innovative culture of Rite Foods Limited, Bigi Bitter Lemon got a new  look. 


FOOD, DRINKS & HER ( 30th March 2019 )

International women’s day is annually celebrated on March 8 to commemorate the achievements of women throughout history and across the nation. All through the month of March, there is always a buzz of celebration in the air to acknowledge the varying unique characteristics and strengths of a woman. This year’s celebration is not any different excluding the fact that the theme varies every year.
For the year 2019, the theme “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”, ran with the hashtag #balanceforbetter on social media.

For Rite Foods Limited, it was another opportunity to give back to society. As a result, in celebrating the unique strengths of the feminine gender, we organized our first ever event: Food, Drinks and Her. Food, Drinks and Her aka FDH2019 held on the 30th of March at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos. The event which was a mix of exhibition, panelist discussions, guest appearances, and after-party started around 9 am till late in the night.

MARCH, 2019

BIGI CHAPMAN ( 19th June, 2019 )

The quality tasting, premium and refreshing Bigi Chapman was added to the Taste Squad. It has become the number one choice of many when it’s time for a drink. 


JUNE, 2019

New Bigi Chapman Drink
Bigi TAMARIND - More than a Drink

BIGI TAMARIND ( August, 2020 )

The quality tasting, premium and refreshing Tamarind (Licki Licki, Tsamiya, Icheku, Awin) was added to the Taste Squad. It has become the number one choice of many when it’s time for a drink. 

AUGUST, 2020

There's more to come, keep rolling with Rite Foods

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