In the dynamic landscape of Nigerian business, indigenous manufacturers like ours have embarked on an incredible journey to build brand equity despite the myriad challenges posed by the economic sector. We are thrilled to announce that our relentless efforts have garnered recognition, propelling us into the ranks of the leading brands in Nigeria in 2023.

This prestigious recognition comes from none other than Top 50 Brands Nigeria, an independent entity dedicated to evaluating and ranking corporate brands across the nation. Their evaluation process utilizes the Brand Strength Measurement (BSM) tool, which considers various critical variables, including:

  1. Top-of-mind survey
  2. Online engagement
  3. Quality elements
  4. Process innovation
  5. Category leadership
  6. National spread
  7. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs

One of the standout achievements in this year’s Top 50 ranking is our remarkable climb. Our journey began humbly in 2007 amidst fierce competition, and we’ve made an impressive leap of 14 positions, rising from our 44th position in 2022 to secure the 30th spot in this year’s ranking. This incredible feat shows our unwavering commitment to excellence and our ability to thrive in a highly competitive market. The organisers of the Top 50 Brands Nigeria ranking have applauded our dedication to delivering quality products that not only elevate taste but also nourish communities.

In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers, partners, and the entire Rite Foods Limited team for their unwavering support and dedication. This recognition in the Top 50 Brands Nigeria ranking is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence and innovation. As we continue on this remarkable journey, we eagerly anticipate delighting your senses and enriching our communities with even more extraordinary experiences.