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Ever wanted a great tasting on-the-go snack? Rite Spicy beef sausage and Bigi beef sausage rolls are the exact snacks you can always bank on. The two varieties of sausage rolls are produced by Rite Foods Limited, a proudly Nigerian owned food and beverage company located in Ososa Ogun state.

Bigi & Rite Sausages are well known staple delicious sausage rolls in Nigeria that recharges your belle and is from the stable of Rite Foods 
Limited. Rite Foods Limited has indisputably taken the lead in sausage innovation amongst the industry players.


We create it better.

At Rite Foods Ltd., we pride ourselves as being a result-driven team of employees that strongly focus on achieving results. We are a team that is totally committed to excellence and quality.

Quality Service

It is no news that Rite Foods Limited, located at Ososa, Ijebu, is the best Sausage manufacturer in the continent.

The health of the consumer is the core to the company and this is why the company ensures that Bigi & Rite Sausage Rolls are produced under the best condition in our world class factory in Ijebu with the best hygiene in place.

With the introduction of the Bigi beef sausage roll in January 2010, Rite Foods Limited have since been market leaders in the sausage industry up until now especially with the innovative Rite Spicy beef sausage (different from the regular beef sausage), launched into the market in October 2011.

The sausage rolls are produced in one of the best factories in the continent with 100% hygienic practices. It is therefore safe to say that our sausage rolls which have 7 days shelf life (expiration duration) are very hygienic and have no ingredients that are harmful to the body.

As against the notion that sausage rolls are for children only, they are snacks for every age group. They can be taken as full meals or in-between meal snacks.

Venturing into a business that has proven to be a pacesetter is definitely not a bad idea. Therefore, if interested in being a distributor, our customer care lines are always open to attend to enquiries regarding distributorship. 


Bigi Beef And Rite Spicy Sausage Rolls