It was indeed a Fearless Showdown as the streets of Lagos came alive on November 26, 2023, as TOR’Q Autofest 2023 rolled into town, bringing with it an irresistible blend of speed, skill, and, of course, the fearless spirit of Fearless Energy Drink.

Torq 23 The Fearless Showdown car drifting

TOR’Q 23: The Fearless Showdown was a celebration of fearlessness with daredevil drifters of the Alhaji Nagode team from Yobe and BMW Autos who took the stage by storm, demonstrating jaw-dropping maneuvers that left the crowd excited for more.

Fearless Energy Drink, packaged in both PET bottles and 50 cl cans, fueled the energy of the crowd, ensuring that everyone was ready for the heart-stopping performances that unfolded at Eko Hotel in Victoria Island.

Fearless Energy Drink Consumption
Consumption of Fearless Energy Drink at Torq 23
Fearless Energy Drink Consumption at Mixologist Bar

As the sun set over Lagos, the entertainment continued to soar. 9ice and Brymo serenaded the audience, and Bigi-powered Nigerian Idol winners, Progress Chukwuyem and Victory Gbakara, added a musical crescendo to the evening.

Fearless and Bigi at TOR’Q Autofest amplified positive energy, supported exceptional talent, and created an unforgettable experience for the diverse audience in attendance. The Bigi Booth, a hub of excitement, witnessed queues of eager consumers wanting to be a part of the Bigi experience.

Brymo Performance at Torq 23 The Fearless Showdown
Dj Cora Performance at Torq 23 The Fearless Showdown
Progress, Former Nigerian Idol Season 7 Winner Performance at Torq 23 The Fearless Showdown

At the Fearless Game Arena, adorned with an amazing lion-head at the entrance, attendees immersed themselves in an array of games, including the car race video game, VR experiences, Quad Bikes, and the Car Race Table.

Fearless Experience Centre with Lion head entrance at Torq 23
Virtual car racing games at Tor 23 The Fearless Showdown
Games at Bigi booth - Torq 23
Quad Bike riding at Tor 23 The Fearless Showdown


The Life-size chiller provided a unique photo opportunity where people posed with different flavours of the Bigi Carbonated Soft Drinks, the Ring Toss, Blind Taste were a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating engaging and memorable moments. As a result, Fearless Energy Drink and Bigi became the talk of the town, trending on X.

Fun with Bigi Chiller at Torq 23
Fun with Bigi at the Bigi Booth, the fashion at Torq 23
Fun with Bigi at Torq 23

Engines roared, and adrenaline soared as Fearless Energy Drink and Bigi took the lead at the TOR’Q Autofest 2023.